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Information Technology to create a better future

This course is intended for adults who want to learn computer basic skills as well as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2016.

In this course, you will be learnt about basic computer knowledge and typing skills (English/ Myanmar), how to surf the Internet, find data and make communication on the websites.

Get the computing skills, boost efficiency and productivity in schools and workplaces.

Through Microsoft Word software, we can do the following functions:

  • Create documents such as forms, letters, notes by typing faster and convenient way.
  • Correct the mistakes by just hitting the backspace or delete button.
  • Format the alignment of the text whether at the centre, right or left margins or justified takes just one click.
  • Find spelling and grammatical mistakes instantly and correct any mistakes which are made easily.
  • Format with the bulleted and numbered lists automatically which makes important points stand out.

Through Microsoft Excel software, we can do the following functions:

  • Allow us to summarize our data enhancing our ability to organize and structure our data.
  • Do a quick overview by sorting and summarizing the data.
  • Store huge amounts of data, up to a million rows by over 16,000 columns.
  • Find and examine vast information quickly by flexible filtering, searching and sorting tools.
  • Ideal for entering, calculating and analyzing data such as sales figures, sales taxes, payment system, exam result system.

Through Microsoft PowerPoint software, we can do the following functions:

  • Comprise a number of individuals ‘slides’. Slides can contain text, graphics, sound, movies and other types of information.
  • Use text, photos, illustrations, drawings, tables, graphs and movies to effectively walk an audience through a presentation with PowerPoint.
  • Use a blank template to create their own layout and edit the information on finished slides, delete unnecessary slides, add forgotten slides, and rearrange the order of the slides in the presentation.
  • Custom animations can also be set up for text on a slide, for example so that text can float in, float out, zoom or split.
  • A good way of showing information to a group of people as it can give structure to the presentation, make the subject more interesting and allow photos, videos etc. to be used in the presentation.

After finished this course, students will possess great knowledge about computing and be familiar with the Microsoft Office programs.

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